About Us

Polymer Co., Ltd was established in November, 1991 and we are one of the leading developers and distributor of polyurethane foam (PU), spring mattresses, foam mattresses, molded foams, and sofa settees.

In 2009,we opened our new branch in Mandalay to provide customers with convenient option of purchase and to expand our customer reach. We are willing to work together with sale representatives from different parts of Myanmar as to distribute our quality products countrywide.

We also have special purchase deals/offers for businesses along with a delivery service for our products. We appreciate every purchase made, and our goal is to better our products and services to deliver best of the best quality products for our customers.

Best Services

For us, customer is our #1 priority. We are happy to provide special services and we are always striving to produce better quality products with comfort and quality being our main focus, for our valuable customers.

Best Experience

Polymer was established in November, 1991. We have more than 29 years of experience distributing and developing high quality polyurethane foam (PU).

Special Offers

For hotel businesses, we offer sweet deals and promotions for our products. We also provide delivery services for the purchases you make!